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In this blog, we discuss an interesting historical anecdote between the history of tanks (yes, tanks) and what we can learn from their history as we launch data science initiatives.

British Mark V-star Tank. This work created by the United Kingdom Government is in the public domain.

Cautionary Tales

Have you ever listened to a podcast that gave you an idea? You may not do anything about it right away and that idea sticks in your brain… That’s what happened to me. I’m finally putting pen to paper on this concept. I’m a casual listener to Tim Harford’s podcast “Cautionary Tales”. One of his early episodes is called “How Britain Invented, Then Ignored, Blitzkrieg.” …

Analytics consultants sometimes forget that “Slicing and Dicing” is a form of data preparation. Here are some ideas to make your organization better at being data-driven by making that prep part of the process.

Slice and Dice: Two Words That Undermine Your Analytics Efforts

Have your analytics consultants ever said this? “And then your users can slice and dice the data from there!” I’m guilty of using it in my career. We probably all are. It implies the hard work is done. The checkbox can be officially checked. We can move on to the next effort. …

It’s been growing for years. The rift just keeps getting bigger. There is plenty of blame to go around. Failed projects. Poor requirements. Scope Creep. Software product marketing overpromising. Order taking and lack of progress.

It’s an interesting relationship that IT and the Business have with each other.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great relationships inside high performing organizations. But I think we can all admit we have seen, or maybe even been part of, that rift at some point in our careers.

Data Science is changing things. It’s like a therapy session for IT and the Business…

Tony Olson

Husband. New dad. Data Geek. Traveler. Bird photographer when sitting at my desk.

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